The Church has always taught that each of us is guarded by a particular angel. We are entrusted to the care and protection of a completely pure and sinless creature who is a messenger of God. In Christian theology, there is one figure that stands at the head of the heavenly hosts and represents a generalized image of all angels. The Archangel Michael as a symbol of justice and protection of the entire humanity holds a crucial place in Christianity. Let’s find out why he is so revered by all Christian believers.

The Archangel Michael as a symbol of protection and justice

The Archangel Michael is believed to be the…

A sense of reverence and serenity comes to one who contemplates antique icons or religious paintings. It is a process of experiencing the importance of cultural heritage and the preservation of historical value. These days, there are not many masters around the world, who create contemporary art pieces filled with such feelings and sensations. Therefore, we are especially pleased to introduce a remarkable artist and iconographer whose icons and paintings are mesmerizing in both beauty and meaning. Please meet the Greek master Andreas Piperidis!

Andreas Piperidis, a talented Greek self-taught artist

There are people whose vision and exceptional talent to reveal their artistic potential make them extremely valuable to the entire world. Veronika Medvedeva, also known as Verita Amare Et, is one of such creatives. Being a mother of three and a multimedia artist working in a diverse range of art disciplines simultaneously, this young lady has already earned the status of “National Treasure” in Russia. Her immense talent and passion to create healing art in all possible shapes and forms have made Veronika Medvedeva worthy to be called an artistic genius of our time.

Veronika Medvedeva and her healing art

Veronika Medvedeva, aka Verita Amare Et…

The rare composition that interprets Psalm 148 “Praise the Lord from the Heavens” is generally found in murals. Religious icons of this type appeared at the end of the 15th century in Russia, Greece, and the Balkans. The diversity and divine harmony of the Psalm are especially greatly manifested in Jesus icon “Praise the Lord from the Heavens.” Let’s take a closer look at this icon and its meaning for the Orthodox Christian church.

The description of Jesus icon “Praise the Lord from the Heavens”

The iconographer depicted the world praising its Creator. At the top of the icon, you can see the firmament in the form of arc-shaped stripes. Above…

Each year, on April 7, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of the Annunciation. One of the Twelve Great Feasts, it commemorates the joy of the Archangel Gabriel’s announcement of the coming of Christ. Orthodox icons depicting this event are highly venerated and honored with great respect by the faithful around the world. Read on to learn about the biblical story hidden behind this important image.

The story of the Annunciation

According to the religious texts, the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary to announce the glorious news of the Son of God’s birth. The Archangel declared to Mary that the Holy Spirit…

Religious motifs and scenes have always inspired artists to create exquisite paintings. No doubt, each such piece of Christian art carries great value and even attempts to induce spiritual emotions in those who contemplate it. In this blog post, we have compiled some of the most significant and breathtaking religious paintings that impress people with their deep meaning.

Top 4 most inspiring religious paintings in Christian art

1. The Last Supper

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

Year: 1495–1498

“The Last Supper” is considered one of the most recognizable and revered religious paintings in sacral art. It is housed in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. Leonardo da Vinci depicted the…

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons User Stan Shebs / CC BY-SA 2.5

The large and magnificent iconostasis of the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael in Moscow impresses with its monumental structure. This beautiful Russian iconostasis dated from 1678–81 is a notable holy treasure of the entire Orthodox Church. It is located in the Cathedral in the Kremlin of Moscow, which is now part of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Keep reading our new post to learn about its complex composition and details.

The composition of the iconostasis

The iconostasis is an inherent element of the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael that is regarded as a unique piece of religious art in itself. In addition to a large collection…

Saint George is honored all over Europe as the main saint of England. Most people hearing his name start imagining a brave knight in shiny armor slaying the dragon. Unfortunately, not much is known about George’s true identity. Over the centuries, his life facts have been intertwined with fiction and remain mysterious. In this post, let’s try to dig deeper and get closer to Saint George’s real-life story.

Saint George’s true personality

As it has been mentioned above, Saint George is considered the main saint of England. But, in fact, he never visited England. It is believed that he was born in Turkey in…

The Christian scene of Christ’s descending into Hades (Hell), also known as the Harrowing of Hades, is frequently used to depict the important event of the Resurrection of the Savior. Moreover, religious art on the subject constitutes an integral part of the Orthodox tradition. It is aimed at the symbolic revelation of the mystery of Christ’s Resurrection. The rootedness of this scene in Orthodoxy caused the Resurrection icon to become an obligatory element of church decoration. So let’s take a closer look at this religious image and its meaning.

Key features of the Resurrection icon

The iconography of the Harrowing of Hades was completely formed in…

Russian icon of the Mother of God “Feodorovskaya,” which was once the patron icon of the Romanov family, is widely known among Orthodox Christian believers. Its iconography is quite similar to that of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God, so many people consider it a copy of the revered image. One of the most important treasures of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Feodorovskaya icon is believed to be wonder-working.

The story of the Feodorovskaya icon of the Mother of God

According to the legend, the Feodorovskaya icon of the Mother of God was created by Saint Luke the Evangelist. However, we only know that in the 12th century, the…

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